The Attractor Factor

One of the books I highly recommend is The The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale.

What are people saying about this book?  Read on:

I got enough by the end of chapter one to create a major energy shift in my life! Joe’s easy, direct, and knowledgeable presentation allowed me to embrace important principles effortlessly.”
-Dee Wallace, actress and star of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

“This book has the potential to change humanity.
-Dr. Rick Barrett, author of Healed by Morning

“Just when you think you understand how the world works, Joe Vitale comes along and takes you to a whole new place. He’s engaging, entertaining, enlightening, and, oh boy, does he ever stretch your thinking.”
Ian Percy, registered psychiatrist and member of the U.S. and Canadian public speakers halls of fame

Decide for yourself.  Do something good for yourself.  Add this to your library.  Get the book!

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