You Can Heal Your Life

This incredible movie is a ‘must see’.  The first ever film on the life and work of Louise Hay and how she changed the world with a simple message “Every thought you think is creating your future”.


Why is hypnosis so powerful?  Because, your thoughts do create your future.  Your thoughts determine which chemicals are released in your body, which affect your physical health, as well as emotional health.  Your thoughts affect the actions you take, which drives what you will, and will not, accomplish in your life.  

This is why self hypnosis is so powerful.  Self hypnosis audio changes thoughts at the subconscious level.   But we also hypnotize ourselves through the movies we watch (in fact, when you are highly engaged in a movie, you are in an altered state, a light state of hypnosis).

Watch this movie now, to fill yourself with empowering thoughts.  Click below to view trailer.

Hay House, Inc.

You will see through personal interviews how Louise teaches us to look within, and heal ourselves. Learn how Louise launched her successful book publishing company from a small bedroom in the back of her home.  Meet the woman who popularized ‘affirmations’, the woman who shakes hands with presidents, dignitaries and celebrities.

Best of all, learn how you can use these techniques to heal yourself, or to inspire others in your life.

Posted in Health and Wellness, Mind Body Spirit, Self Esteem on 08/18/2011 10:13 pm