What is Kindle

As you browse through  my recommended reading list, or “Books I Must Read” you may want to consider a kindle.

What is Kindle?  Good question.

Kindle is a something I see my client’s absorbed in, out in the waiting room as I open the door to my office.   Kindle is something I see strangers staring at in the cafe, when I go to lunch.  Kindle is something I notice people gazing at with smiles on their face, sitting outside in the fresh air at a coffee shop.

My best explanation:  Kindle is a way to download digital books and read them, anywhere and everywhere you go.  You can get a Kindle with ‘built in internet connection’ and read digital books anywhere:  at the beach, on the bus, in a waiting room, a hotel, on the plane, or even the comfort of your very own home!

Many of the books are FREE!   Most of them are under ten dollars!

But for a better explanation, go here:

My recommended reading list of favorite and suggested books will include both Kindle Books, and the old fashioned print and paper.   Either way, I hope you find insight, joy, motivation and success from the recommended reading of:  Books I Must  Read.

Posted in Books I Must Read on 09/08/2011 02:29 am