In the last article we touched on the ability of your unconscious mind to communicate with you through ideomotor movements (small, quick movements such as a reflex or a twitch).

Below is an example of how you can use these ideomotor responses to get in touch with your unconscious mind.  Deepak Chopra mentions this exercise in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.

Take a piece of string about twelve inches long and tie a small weight at the end to form a pendulum (small crystal, fishing weight, household washer, small piece of jewelry or a small bolt will work well.)  Hold the string in your right hand and brace your elbow on a table so that you can hold the pendulum steady.  Sit comfortably and make sure that the pendulum is not moving.

Now look at the weight and project the intention that the pendulum move from side to side.  Imagine seeing the pendulum moving in your mind’s eye.  Think the words side to side. Keep your attention on the pendulum and keep the intention firmly in mind, but make sure you hold your arm steady.

In a few seconds you will be surprised to see the pendulum start to move of its own accord.  If it moves erratically at first, don’t try to correct its swing—just wait until the desired motion is found automatically.

Now change your intention to direct the pendulum forward and back instead of side to side.  Again see this motion in your mind’s eye and easily hold it there.  Typically, your pendulum will hesitate for a few seconds, move erratically, then take up the desired direction.

After watching it for a few seconds, intend for the pendulum to swing in a circle.  Again it will pause, move erratically for a second or two, then move exactly as you visualized.  The harder you try to hold your arm rigidly still, the faster the pendulum will move.

Congratulations!  You have just accessed the power of your unconscious mind!

Now imagaine what just happened here!  By using the power of your mind, you have directed your unconscious to carry out specific instructions, to perform specific behaviours (moving the pendulum in a specific direction).  Once your unconscious mind accepted the suggestion you planted, those behaviors were carried out automatically.  You did not have to ‘consciously’ move the pendulum.  Your body performed this behavior for you without effort.

This is how hypnosis works.  You spend a concentrated bit of time, listening to these recordings, offering suggestions to your unconscious mind.  Once those suggestions have been accepted, your unconscious will carry out new behaviors automatically,

By now, I imagine you get how powerful self-hypnosis can be in helping you move quickly towards your goal, whether you want to reach a healthier weight, or become a nonsmoker, or simply amplify your confidence and self-esteem.  We invite you to shop the audio recordings and find the title that will help you improve your life.

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