Do you ever find yourself struggling with money?

Do you ever feel fear, worry, or doubt about paying bills?

Would you like to break through limiting beliefs to increase your overall wealth and expand your financial horizon?

Success Series Bundle helps you to break through subconscious limiting beliefs around money, wealth, and abundance.

Release fears around lack and limitation with the flow of Abundance

When you release limiting beliefs that block you, it becomes easier to see the endless abundance and opportunity around you, as you open up to take action, make better choices and see impressive changes show up in your life.

Prosperity Attraction resets your subconscious money blueprint. People in weight watchers learn they have a ‘weight set point’ and their body always hovers around this number. They learn to reset this weight point to begin shedding the pounds.

In the same way, people have a Prosperity SetPoint, that holds their overall wealth around a certain number. This is why people who win the lottery end up losing the money and return to the very same set point within two years.

Prosperity Attraction is designed to increase your prosperity set point. By listening repeatedly over time, you can begin to shift to the next level.

Financial Security uses a “double Induction” method where you will hear two separate voices in each ear at the same time. This hypnotic method is very effective.

Your conscious mind won’t be able to follow both voices at the same time, which allows your subconscious mind to absorb the information more easily as internal resistance is set aside.

For this reason, the double inductions are both short, and effective – ideal for the busy life.

This Financial Security hypnotic journey reinforces a sense of Feeling secure because when we feel secure, we tend to make better choices, and take appropriate risks, as we act on the opportunity that leads to more success.

Stop Procrastinating Move Forward is an enjoyable story. A journey to reprogram your subconscious mind to get moving again and take action.

Hypnosis works in many ways and one potent method is hypnosis by metaphor. This form of story-telling is designed to reorganize your inner mind in a specific way to jump-start momentum, to get going, to take action.

Quick Confidence tops off the series.

After you reorganize inner beliefs and thoughts around money and prosperity, and you raise your prosperity set point, and become aware of the infinite abundance around you, as you feel secure in your life (even when there are changes you wish to make) and you get unstuck and begin to move forward with action – there may be times you start to experience self-doubt as you come across an amazing opportunity.

This is the time for quick Confidence.

This short hypnotic recording will give your inner mind an immediate boost, to amplify the confidence that you already have within. There are times when self-confidence seems to fade away. Just put on Quick Confidence, sit back to relax, and within minutes you will find your inner strength rising once again.

This is perfect for listening before an important meeting, a phone call, a date, an interview, a public presentation, and anytime you need this quick boost before an important event. Or when you simply wish to continue boosting and reinforcing the self-confidence within.

Rotate these recordings, listening to one a day, for at least 30 days, and notice the shifts that occur in your life.

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