Do you ever feel anxious, worried, or insecure?

Do you tend to feel good about yourself, but at times you beat yourself up with negative thoughts and self-criticism?

Then this Double Induction Series is for you!

Even the most confident people on the planet fall into the trap of self-doubt and insecurity from time to time. Life does not always work out as planned. Sometimes expectations fall through, a project fails, a deadline is missed, or someone at work makes a critical comment about you.

At times even loving partners, family members, or friends make a comment that sends you into a downward spiral.

Of course, you know you do good work. You know you are a loving partner, spouse, friend. You know you are a good person, worthy and worthwhile. Yet at times like these that inner critic sneaks back in.

Self Esteem Builder Double Inductions are a quick and easy way to get back on track, stand your ground, stop beating yourself up, and feel good again.

In the Double Induction series, you will hear two different tracks with a separate dialogue in each ear during part of the recording. This experience can be both surprising and delightful because your conscious mind cannot follow both dialogues at the same time.

This simple yet effective hypnotic technique allows the suggestions to sink in more deeply, and more quickly.

That means you can listen to these short recordings, with earbuds, in less time (under 10minutes) yet the impact is powerful. You will feel much better than before, as you push out negative thinking and boost your self-esteem.

This Self Esteem Bundle gives you two versions, Esteem Builder One and Esteem Builder Two. Rotate them daily and take a short break to listen each day.

Watch as your self-esteem grows. This bundle gives you a whopping 49% off the Retail Price. Why? Because you deserver it! Treat yourself today. Get the Self Esteem Builder Bundle. You Deserve it!