In the past I felt uncomfortable, but have now come to enjoy, the look on people’s faces when they ask, ‘So what do YOU do’ and I respond, “Hypnosis and NLP”.  The look of surprise, wonder, fear, intrigue, and curiosity swirl into a definitely unique picture perfect moment.

People respond to the idea of hypnosis in one of 3 ways:

1) Many people step right into sharing their own personal experience of how hypnosis transformed their life.

2) Others open up with intense curiosity and want to know more about how hypnosis can help you solve a current problem, or motivate you into action.

3) The last group takes a step back, moving away in fear, often asking “Are you hypnotizing me now?!”

My response to group #3:  “If I had that kind of power, I would be wealthy and retired in Hawaii right now.”

The fact is, no hypnotist can make you do anything against your will, morals or ethics.   You have to cooperate to go into hypnosis.  So you can release the fear.

In fact, hypnosis is a wonderful tool for releasing fear:  fear of flying, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of relationships, fear of being alone, fear of what ‘may or may not’ happen in the future (also known as worry or anxiety).

Hypnosis helps to ‘fill that empty space inside’, the space people attempt to fill with with bad habits and patterns:  such as smoking, drinking, overeating, unhealthy relationships and negative emotions like anger, resentment, and anxiety.  These habits take up an enormous amount of energy, and while they may somewhat ‘fill the void’ they can be unpleasant  and unrewarding, not to mention, bad for your health.

Hypnosis can replace bad habits with more beneficial behaviors and replace negative emotions with ‘feel good’ feelings!

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Release the Fear: Hypnosis Helps

Manage Anxiety