Do you want to lose weight and feel great?

Have you been trying to shed pounds but nothing seems to work?

Do you realize how much the power of your mind can impact your ability to lose weight and live a healthy life?

Get these three power pack hypnotic recordings

The power of your subconscious mind and your imagination are one of your greatest assets in helping you to reach your goal.

In these short and entertaining recordings, you will be guided with hypnotic visualizations to send the correct message to your unconscious mind to start moving towards your health goals.

Imagine you would like to have a bowl of apples to bake an apple pie. The apples don’t just magically show up. What happens?

Unconsciously you being to “imagine this goal” and then your body begins to take action to make it happen.

You imagine having a bowl of apples, and you imagine where to get the apples, perhaps at the local store. You also imagine how you will get to the store, how you will pay for the apples, how you carry the apples (your own bag or one from the grocery)

All of this happens at rapid speed, unconsciously, out of your awareness.

Your body begins to “unconsciously” act on these ‘visual suggestions’ that you are feeding your mind – and it happens. You reach your goal, standing in the kitchen gazing at a bowl of apples – because – you imagined it first, and then, you did it!

But it would never happen without the assistance of your powerful mind and imagination.

Another person imagines a different story. They imagine the store is too far away, too crowded, it’s too cold outside. They imagine how it will be too hard and too much inconvenience.

In this case, it never happens! They were programming the subconscious mind to NOT reach their goal. Then they get what they imagine.

In this engaging Lose Weight, the three short hypnotic visualizations train your mind, and imagination to motivate you to reach your goal. Because once your inner mind gets on board, it happens much more easily, automatically, as simple as going to the store to buy apples.

Lose Weight The Scale trains your mind to break past the ‘weight set point’ you have been stuck on, so you can shift to the next level.

Lose Weight The Mirror trains your mind to envision the end result. When you have a vision of what your body will look like each time you see your reflection in the mirror, this is like putting the destination into your GPS. With a GPS you plug in the destination then the GPS does all the work. The GPS lets you know the next step to take, turn right, go forward one block, then turn left.

Once your inner mind has this destination, the steps will begin floating into your conscious mind, one by one, just like a GPS, you will be guided and you will know what to do.

Lose Weight The Photo Shoots the big reward, the celebration

This enjoyable visualization amplifies your excitement about reaching your goal. After all, it is much easier to take action when you are enthusiastic!

Your goal is more than a number. This hypnotic recording reinforces a positive self-image and the feeling of success you enjoy as you reach your goal, plus all the other benefits that come with it.

This power pack trio can have a huge impact in a short time. Rotate the three titles, spending minutes a day to program these suggestions into your subconscious mind, so your inner mind is working for you, rather than against you.

Get the Lose Weight Power Pack Trio and Get Started Today!