What are the secrets behind the rich and famous?  How do they get there?  How did they do it?

Hypnosis is one of the mighty secrets behind the rich and famous.  Hypnosis is used by star athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs to help propel them to success.    For instance, Tiger Woods, one of the greatest pro golfers of all times uses hypnosis regularly to stay focused.   But he is not alone.  Jack Nicklaus, one of the best golfers of all time,  has used hypnosis to enhance his game.

Some of the greatest people that have ever lived have performed magnificent accomplishments during and after hypnosis.    The names throughout history might simply amaze you.   Mozart, as history tells it, composed a famous opera while under hypnosis.  Car manufacturer and billionaire, Henry Ford was a loyal hypnosis client.  So was the famous inventor  Thomas Edison.   Jackie Kennedy-Onassis used hypnosis to overcome the tragedy she experienced during the assassination of her late husband John during his US presidency.   And the coach of the LA Lakers enjoyed the benefits of hypnosis with his basketball team, as they went on to win three NBA championships in a row.

The actor, Kevin Costner was in Hawaii filming the movie Waterworld and had become seasick due to all of the water scenes.  He flew in his own personal hypnotist to cure the sea sickness.

Ellen DeGeneres quit smoking using hyponosis and NLP techniques.  For a longer list of famous people who benefit from hypnosis, see the blog post Hypnotized People.

But you do not have to be a celebrity, or one of the rich and famous, to benefit from hypnosis.  In fact, for mere pennies, you can get a self hypnosis audio and begin reaching higher states of excellence in your own life today.

Myth Busters: Facts About Hypnosis

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