It’s the Thought that Counts

Pharmaceutical scientist David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., observed the results of tests on new drugs, and noticed that patients receiving control placebo pills reported the same level of improvement as those receiving the actual drug. Seeing this result repeat itself time and time again, he became fascinated by the mind-body connection and started to research the work of scientists, mystics, and healers working in this field.

The result is the groundbreaking book, It’s the thought that counts in which Hamilton explains how the mind and emotions can influence the well-being of your body and even the structure of your DNA.

David is now an inspirational speaker and leader in the forefront of mind body healing.  He is one of the guest experts in the transformational movie Beyond Belief.

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Personally I used the information from this book for a workshop that I presented on mind-body healing. The author wrote a great book, full of information and research yet it was fun to read and reread. I’d recommend this book to everyone who wants to know more about how our minds work. My motto is “don’t believe everything you think” 🙂  Pat Khan, Nurse/Yogini

I loved David Hamilton’s book because, although I have enthusiastically embraced his message for years I have several doubting friends who struggle to understand –but who do want to –or want to understand why I am so positive and alive –I have purchased several to give to them and all came back to say that they were going to live with a greater awareness of their thoughts. This book had a very special impact on them. Thanks to David for a great book!!  Pat. S.

I really enjoyed this book. I saw Dr. Hamilton recently at a Louise Hay conference and found his talk to be fantastic, which led me to this book. Fascinating scientific studies; his personal experience with the power of the placebo, thus, the power of our beliefs on our health.

This book will reveal how your subconscious mind, and thoughts, and beliefs, can affect your health and wellness.

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