Happy Easter – Transformation

No matter what your religion or spiritual practice, Easter brings with it a wonderful time for introspection, contemplation, and transformation.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, your unconscious mind loves to deal in metaphors and symbols.  Easter brings to us some wonderfully inspirational metaphors and symbology.

Starting with Good Friday and throughout the weekend, up to Easter Sunday, good Christians will recognize and contemplate the story of how Jesus died on the cross, to wipe out all sin in humankind, and created a second chance, to allow an opening for our souls to rise up to heaven.

However, even if you do not practice or believe in the religious context of Easter, you can gain positive benefit from the symbolism represented here.  Easter represents a time of death and rebirth, a time of releasing the old ways to allow for a new and better life, a time of transformation!

When you came into this world you were born a beautiful, precious child, worthy and deserving of being the best you can be, to bring your gifts into the world, and express them fully.  By finding your passion, pursuing your bliss, and expressing your divine gifts, you not only fulfill your only life, but you help and inspire those around you.

Unfortunately, as we grow up, we become programmed with ideas, thoughts, beliefs, that we are not good enough, not worthy, not deserving.  And these programs block our authentic expression of the truth of who we really are:  wonderful spiritual beings of light, with infinite capability and power inside.

When our true power, our divine gifts, get buried beneath limiting beliefs and ideas about ourselves, we become unable to express them, unable to share them.  Now that is a sin.

But you can change it. You can let go of the old patterns and habits.  You can allow them be released, and as you experience the death of the old you, this allows an opening for a new you to emerge, a second chance, to achieve those dreams you once thought impossible.

On this transformational weekend, it may be a good time to contemplate those habits and beliefs that are holding you back, and allow them to be released.  Hypnosis is a great way to do this!  And as you experience the death of the old you….feel a space opening up for a new you to emerge.  One that is even better than before!

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Happy Easter!

Posted in Mind Body Spirit on 04/04/2010 05:36 pm