Do you experience a life of shoveling your way through the clutter to get from one place to the next?  Does your home look like an airport runway, with small paths leading from room to room, as you wade through the junk piled up on either side?

Do you feel rushed, hectic, forgetful, confused?  Do you ever misplace your keys, or lose things, or wonder at times if you are losing your mind?

The inner world and outer world are connected.  It is interesting to notice how the clutter on the inside tends to match the clutter on the outside.  These two ‘environments’ are connected.  When you clear one, you clear the other.  Clean up a room, and amazingly, your mind becomes clear.  Clear out the garbage in the mind, and the outer world becomes easier to manage.

But how do you do this?  An easy way to clear up the mind is with self hypnosis.  As you clear out negative emotions, feelings, and subconscious blocks from the past, it’s like hauling away the junk in the spare room.  Suddenly you begin to feel lighter and free.

Another way is to begin clearing the clutter in your physical space.  You can start by simply clearing out one small corner,  a drawer, a cabinet, a table.  As you clear away the outer clutter, the inner mind will become calm and clear.

But if  the thought of cleaning out even one small drawer seems too overwhelming, then you might begin by checking out the self hypnosis audio titles.  Choose the one that catches your attention.  By listening to self hypnosis audio, your mind will become calm and clear, as you release tension and anxiety.

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