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Cigarettes and Yoga

What do cigarettes and yoga have in common?  I was pondering this today. Six days a week I do yoga, with one day for rest.  It keeps me going.  Last year I made the decision to start getting up early for the morning class. I now get up before sunrise and drive across town, watching […]

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Timeline Therapy by Tad James

The following is an excerpt from the book Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality by Tad James. THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND: In the context of Time Line Therapy®, the words “unconscious mind” are not intended to signify anything mysterious or unusual, simply the part of your mind of which you are not conscious, right […]

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The Pendulum – Connecting with Your Unconscious

In the last article we touched on the ability of your unconscious mind to communicate with you through ideomotor movements (small, quick movements such as a reflex or a twitch). Below is an example of how you can use these ideomotor responses to get in touch with your unconscious mind.  Deepak Chopra mentions this exercise […]

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Is Hypnosis Real ?

Does hypnosis really work?  I used to wonder that myself.  Even as I was in my first hypnosis training, which I ended up in by default as part of a Master NLP training series. My doubts lingered, until one day in class when the trainer taught us about ‘ideomotor’ movements (these are small muscle twitches […]

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