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Radical Acceptance

At times, the first step towards positive change, is simply acceptance.   When you are able to accept what is, right now, in the moment, you experience immediate peace and relief.  From there you can continue to move forward. Many of my clients have recommended this book by Tara Brach:  Radical Acceptance.   Acceptance does not […]

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The Artists Way Julia Cameron

One of the must read books that I must  add to my list is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. This transformational book is like a 12 Step Program for Artists.  Brining you  one chapter per week, for 12 weeks, filled with insight, inspirations, and exercises you can put into practice. this book has transformed […]

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Heal Your Life

This movie is a must see.  Watch the inspirational story of Louise Hay, who changed the world and its way of thinking with her simple message: “Every thought you think is creating your future.” This movie will inspire you, motivate you, and put you on the path to a better life.

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Zero Limits

One of the most powerful, easy read, change your life books by Joe Vitale is Zero Limits. Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More Read the description below from inside the book flap.  Then, get the book! Inside The Flap: Are you overworked and overstressed? Are you doing your best […]

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