Breaking the Chains of Self-Imposed Limitations

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Dr. Dispenza invites you to go beyond your analytical mind, eliminate your body, your environment and the constraints of time to connect with your inner world.  Try his simple exercise right now and see how transformative mental rehearsal and meditation can be in bringing to life what you really want!

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In this course  you will:

  • Understand the science behind your thoughts and how your thoughts create your reality
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  • Unlearn negative habits and emotions
  • Eliminate self-destructive behaviors
  • Learn the secrets of spontaneous remission
  • Surrender to the unknown in order to open yourself to positive opportunities
  • Learn to send out new magnetic charges to attract what you want
  • Access your subconscious mind to change your brain wave patterns
  • Learn ways to rewire your brain to create a new personality and a new personal reality

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