The Artists Way Julia Cameron

One of the must read books that I must  add to my list is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. This transformational book is like a 12 Step Program for Artists.  Brining you  one chapter per week, for 12 weeks, filled with insight, inspirations, and exercises you can put into practice. this book has transformed […]

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Trance – The Magic Self

by Henry Leo Bolduc and Marjorie V. Reynolds There is a magical place inside each of us, a place we trust, a place we enjoy even though we may not completely understand what this place is. We might experience it when daydreaming, when meditating, or when seeking a solution to a problem. In this place […]

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My Time to Quit

Are you ready to quit smoking now?  Is this your time to stop smoking cigarettes?  Have you tried to quit smoking before, and now you are afraid you will fail? Perhaps you have tried to kick the habit before, with some success.  Maybe you have tried using nicotine gum, or the nicotine patch, or Chantix, […]

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Hypnotized People

Who uses hypnosis?  Is hypnosis real? As you are considering how hypnosis can help you, it can be interesting to look at Celebrity Hypnosis, some of the ‘rich and famous’ who have benefited from hypnotism and hypnotic techniques. Below is a short sampling of the rich and famous who have benefited from hypnosis. But you […]

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