Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

What are the secrets behind the rich and famous?  How do they get there?  How did they do it? Hypnosis is one of the mighty secrets behind the rich and famous.  Hypnosis is used by star athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs to help propel them to success.    For instance, Tiger Woods, one of the greatest […]

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Infinite Love and Gratitude

As a person in the healing and creative arts, I am always seeking new and better ways to help my clients, as well as myself.  During the production of the film Beyond Belief, one of the guest experts being interviewed was Dr. Darren Weissman.  Darren has worked with Dr. Masaru Emoto, the scientist so well […]

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Heart Centered Consciousness

by Sandra Anne Taylor Bestselling Hayhouse author, guest expert in the movie Beyond Belief Balancing the activity of the heart and mind is a very important factor in your energy projection and an important step in changing what you attract to your life.  So many people live their whole life in their mind, always analyzing, […]

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Clearing the Clutter

Do you experience a life of shoveling your way through the clutter to get from one place to the next?  Does your home look like an airport runway, with small paths leading from room to room, as you wade through the junk piled up on either side? Do you feel rushed, hectic, forgetful, confused?  Do […]

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