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Happy New Year in 2012

Wishing you a happy, prosperous 2012. As you are setting your new years resolutions, ponder this.  No matter what your resolution, from the most popular goals such as lose weight, stop smoking cigarettes, to the simple wish to feel more joy, peace and happiness, whatever your goal, self-hypnosis helps. What you say to yourself has […]

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Radical Acceptance

At times, the first step towards positive change, is simply acceptance.   When you are able to accept what is, right now, in the moment, you experience immediate peace and relief.  From there you can continue to move forward. Many of my clients have recommended this book by Tara Brach:  Radical Acceptance.   Acceptance does not […]

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Clean Health through Clean Water

As you know, our bodies are over 70% water.  Water is the key of life.   Our bodies need to be replenished, and by the time you feel thirsty and want something to drink, your body is already dehydrated. The suggestion by doctors and healthcare practitioners is to drink half your body weight in ounces of […]

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