Your Personal Financial Expert

After you have listened to the powerful self hypnosis download, Financial Security, and Prosperity Attraction, and you have removed and cleared all those limiting subconscious blocks, now you are ready to take the next step. You might consider checking into Suze Orman’s Protection Portfolio.  Suze Orman is an internationally acclaimed personal financial expert. Suze Orman’s […]

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The Thought That Counts

by Dr. David R. Hamilton, Ph.D, Author,  Speaker, Teacher, Expert in the Film Beyond Belief Every thought and feeling changes something in the body. Ever been embarrassed? Did your face go red at the thought of people looking at you or knowing something private about you? Of course it did. Your thoughts are affecting your […]

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The Healing Power of Belief

One of the reasons I love Hypnosis, and Self Hypnosis, is that it gives you direct access to the subconscious mind, where all subconscious beliefs are stored.   Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, have a direct affect on your health. Below is an article by Dr David R Hamilton,  bestselling author and featured expert in the phenomenal […]

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Cigarettes and Yoga

What do cigarettes and yoga have in common?  I was pondering this today. Six days a week I do yoga, with one day for rest.  It keeps me going.  Last year I made the decision to start getting up early for the morning class. I now get up before sunrise and drive across town, watching […]

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