The Attractor Factor

One of the books I highly recommend is The The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale. What are people saying about this book?  Read on: “I got enough by the end of chapter one to create a major energy shift in my life! Joe’s easy, direct, and knowledgeable presentation allowed me to embrace important principles effortlessly.” […]

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The Secret

If you have not read the book  The Secret….do it now! This book is like the essence of “creating the life you want 101” Perhaps you have seen the phenomenal movie, The Secret, and perhaps it changed your life.  Or perhaps you were ‘stuck’ wondering why it was not working for you?  If so, then […]

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Are you ready to quit smoking now?  Isn’t it time to stop smoking cigarettes?  Have you tried to quit smoking before, and now you are afraid that it won’t work? Perhaps you have tried to kick the habit before, with some success.  Maybe you have tried using nicotine gum, or the nicotine patch, or Chantex, […]

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Attract Prosperity Now

Attract Prosperity!   Is that POSSIBLE?! Is it possible to attract prosperity?  Here is a much more interesting question:  Is it possible to push prosperity away? If you do not believe you deserve a better job, will you take action to make it happen? If you believe your friends will disown you, when you become […]

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