One of the things I love about NLP and Hypnosis, is that these powerful tools help you make changes FAST!  And it seems quite natural, almost as if nothing has happened, yet something ‘has’ happened, if you just pay attention…if you just notice.

Paying attention, being aware, self-awareness:  that is one of the tools in the movie Beyond Belief. As you begin to change and release old habits that are no longer useful, you may find the old patterns somehow manage to show up, almost like a ‘test’, another teaser, to make sure you have released them once and for all.  And in these moments, you are at choice…to continue them or to let them go.

In my past, when I owned the video production company, one of my ‘old habits’ was to create Drama.  Or at least, I was surrounded by drama.  I attracted drama into my life like a Steel Plate attracts a magnet.  SMACK into my face, drama, drama, drama, and then wondering in bewilderment, “Where did THAT come from?”

Well….I now realize, I created the drama.  Not consciously, of course. Who would want THAT kind of drama in their life??!?! It was all done unconsciously.

We attract and create everything in our life.  Most of it happens through your unconscious.  And we have the power to choose.  You may continue as your are.   IF it is working for you, great.  Keep on keeping on.  But if is it NOT working, you may want to consider something to help you shift that part of your life.

During the production of Beyond Belief, by applying the tools of NLP and Hypnosis, my life had begun to shift and change.  One of the major changes was my release of my old habit of creating and attracting drama.

Yet on one production, an incident occurred where I had the opportunity to, yet again, make a decision which I KNEW would set up the path for a one way ticket to drama-land.  I sat in the car, with my co-producer, and actually even considered making this choice.  Yet I was aware of the choice, and the outcome it would create.

And in that moment, I chose….to let the drama go.

When you use the tools, when you listen to self-downloads, when you make shifts for the better in your life, you may find that from time to time something ‘shows up’ to remind you of the old you, the old pattern, the old behavior.  You may even have the option to make a choice that would take you back to the old way (such as lighting up a cigarette when you are now a nonsmoker).

Simply realize, this ‘temptation’ is an opportunity in disguise.  This is your moment to stop and CONGRATULATE YOURSELF that YOU DON”T DO THAT ANYMORE!!  And as that moment ‘reminds you’ of the old you, that used to be that way, you canfeel proud that the new you has taken over, as you make the choice easily to say goodbye to that old habit once and for good.

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