Yes, I used to be a smoker.  I am an ex-smoker, a nonsmoker.  In fact, even though I have a memory that I once smoked, I “feel” as if I have never smoked at all.  When I tell my clients who are about to become nonsmokers for life, that I used to smoke, it feels like I am describing a movie about another character.

Cigarettes and tobacco no longer bring up cravings or desires.  It is as if I have ‘never even been a smoker’!   Now this transition did not happen immediately.

Kind of like when I worked in my old office for almost ten years, and then I moved.  For ten years I got up everyday and drove the same route to work, same routine.  Then I moved.  For the next year or two, when I was driving and daydreaming, I would find myself turning the steering wheel towards my old office.  Then I would ‘snap to’ and realize, ‘Hey, I don’t work there anymore” and simply turn the other way.

It is the same with smoking.  When you become a nonsmoker, the chemicals within your body are actually released within 2 or 3 days.  After that, the only ‘cravings’ people experience are unconscious habits (which self hypnosis helps to remove) and old ‘muscle motor’ habits, like my old car driving habits.

My muscles had been trained at an unconscious level to ‘turn left’ towards my old office.  But when I consciously noticed this movement, it was easy to stop and turn the other way.  I had no desire to go to my old office. I did not really ‘want’ to go to my old office.  I was clear that I no longer worked there.  It was my ‘ex-office’ the same way you are an ex-smoker.

On occasion, until your muscles are re-trained, you may find your hand moving out in the same old pattern to reach for a cigarette, and then snap to and realize you don’t do that anymore.   But beware, and do not confuse this with a ‘craving’.  Do not let it fool you that you ‘need’ to smoke again.   When you snap to, you realize, ‘Hey, I don’t do that anymore!  I am a nonsmoker!”  Then re-direct that hand in another direction.

A simple tool many ex-smokers love, is to simply bring your two fingers up to your lips, as if holding a cigarette, and breathe deeply, enjoying the deep inhale (without the smoke!)

You satisfy the muscle movement, you satisfy your habit of ‘breathing deeply’ in a healthier way, and then you can go on and enjoy your day!

This simple technique will help you to stay stopped smoking and be successful.

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