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Documentary Beyond Belief

You never know where life will lead you.  The path that led me to study and practice NLP and Hypnosis was so synchronistic I could never have planned it that way. The effects of the tools were so incredibly powerful, I could not ignore them, even though I resisted at first. After selling my video […]

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NLP – Beyond Belief

Before I was a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I owned a video production company that produced educational and training videos.  In fact, it was during the production on a DVD Coaching Series for a wealthy entrepreneur that I discovered NLP. This super-successful businessman (I will call him ‘Donald’) owned the largest Real Estate School in […]

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Do What? Strengthen My EGO?!

Why would I want to strengthen my EGO?  After all the time I spend in meditation, listening to Holosync CDs to put me into deep meditative, trance, listening to self hypnosis recordings to improve my life, and doing Ashtanga Yoga everyday to still the mind, be present, and let go of the EGO? As Eckhart […]

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Happy Easter – Transformation

No matter what your religion or spiritual practice, Easter brings with it a wonderful time for introspection, contemplation, and transformation. As mentioned earlier in this blog, your unconscious mind loves to deal in metaphors and symbols.  Easter brings to us some wonderfully inspirational metaphors and symbology. Starting with Good Friday and throughout the weekend, up […]

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