Hynosteps produces Self Hypnosis Audio Recordings that combine advanced hypnosis and NLP techniques for fast and effective results.

Hypnosteps recordings combine hypnosis, NLP, guided imagery, visualization, guided meditation and storytelling to take you on a relaxing journey into your imagination, as you simply sit back, close your eyes, and relax.


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Clearing the Clutter

Clearing the Clutter

Do you experience a life of shoveling your way through the clutter to get from one place to the next?  Does your home look like an airport runway, with small paths leading from room to room, as...

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Are you ready to quit smoking now?  Isn’t it time to stop smoking cigarettes?  Have you tried to quit smoking before, and now you are afraid that it won’t work? Perhaps you have tried to...

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Very skilled practitioner. I can recomment her without equivocation!


    I'm feeling great! My session with Becky was extremely helpful, and I am on the road to being happier and healthier! I would highly recommend hypnosis in general, and Becky in particular! 🙂

      Prosperity Attraction

      Malcome C.

      “I have just received Prosperity Attraction. I have listened to it twice. It is the most successful hypnosis session I have ever had.”

        Stop Smoking For Life

        Vicky K.

        ‘Stop Smoking For Life’ is a very sobering reminder that we were not born with cigarettes in our fingers. I don’t miss smoking; have no craving or desire to; and appreciate my enhanced senses.”

          Be Calm – Anxiety Release

          Dr. Maniscalco, M.D.

          “I recently purchased several of your mp3 tracks, and have found them to be the best hypnosis downloads available. I am a psychiatrist and I have really enjoyed and recommended them to several of my patients.”

            Financial Security – Double Induction

            David W.

            “Talking about synchronicity, I’ve been doing exactly what you suggest and you are right, my prosperity situation has definitely improved. ”

              Feel Joy

              Scott H.

              “Something about your voice & message relaxes me. I really like your work!”