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Heart Centered Consciousness

by Sandra Anne Taylor
Bestselling Hayhouse author, guest expert in the movie Beyond Belief

Balancing the activity of the heart and mind is a very important factor in your energy projection and an important step in changing what you attract … Read the rest

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Clearing the Clutter

Do you experience a life of shoveling your way through the clutter to get from one place to the next?  Does your home look like an airport runway, with small paths leading from room to room, as you wade through … Read the rest

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Food for the Mind Body Soul

How do you spend your free time?  Who do you spend your time with.  Where do you spend your time?

Your environment, the people, places, things, words, thoughts, ideas, images, everything you come into contact with everyday, is a form Read the rest

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You Can Heal Your Life

This incredible movie is a ‘must see’.  The first ever film on the life and work of Louise Hay and how she changed the world with a simple message “Every thought you think is creating your future”.


Why is Read the rest

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