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Heart Centered Consciousness

by Sandra Anne Taylor
Bestselling Hayhouse author, guest expert in the movie Beyond Belief

Balancing the activity of the heart and mind is a very important factor in your energy projection and an important step in changing what you attract … Read the rest

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The Thought That Counts

by Dr. David R. Hamilton, Ph.D,
Author,  Speaker, Teacher, Expert in the Film Beyond Belief

Every thought and feeling changes something in the body. Ever been embarrassed? Did your face go red at the thought of people looking at you … Read the rest

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The Healing Power of Belief

One of the reasons I love Hypnosis, and Self Hypnosis, is that it gives you direct access to the subconscious mind, where all subconscious beliefs are stored.   Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, have a direct affect on your health.

Below is … Read the rest

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The Ashtanga Zap!!

One of the tools presented in the film, Beyond Belief, is “present moment awareness’ or ‘being present’, being in the moment.  There are many ways to do this, but my favorite is yoga.

Last summer when Jim and I … Read the rest

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