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Documentary Beyond Belief

You never know where life will lead you.  The path that led me to study and practice NLP and Hypnosis was so synchronistic I could never have planned it that way.

The effects of the tools were so incredibly powerful, … Read the rest

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NLP – Beyond Belief

Before I was a Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I owned a video production company that produced educational and training videos.  In fact, it was during the production on a DVD Coaching Series for a wealthy entrepreneur that I discovered NLP.… Read the rest

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Do What? Strengthen My EGO?!

Why would I want to strengthen my EGO?  After all the time I spend in meditation, listening to Holosync CDs to put me into deep meditative, trance, listening to self hypnosis recordings to improve my life, and doing Ashtanga Yoga … Read the rest

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Happy Easter – Transformation

No matter what your religion or spiritual practice, Easter brings with it a wonderful time for introspection, contemplation, and transformation.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, your unconscious mind loves to deal in metaphors and symbols.  Easter brings to us … Read the rest

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